Daring Double Agent

Daring Double Agent

As daring as they come, you put your life on the line on a daily basis for King and country. Your mission comes first - you’ll stop at nothing to crack the code and save the day. Top agents across the world know that you’re dependable, strong, fearless and a total adrenaline junkie.

You’re also highly trusted in all the many circles you weave in. Your incredible acting skills allow you to blend in with any social situation and remain undetected as you carry out your mission. All this has earned you the well-deserved title of Daring Double Agent.   

Your motivation is honourable – you just want to protect your country from all the evil out there. If everyone is safe, you're satisfied.

Your ideal mission

Test out your bravery and save the day on a spy mission Treasure Trail! 

Get Out There with Treasure Trails

To find your closest operation, head to the Treasure Trails website and click on the ‘Buy a Treasure Trail’ tab at the top. Choose your local area to see all the Trails nearby listed on the left-hand side.

Click on the ‘Advanced Filter’ drop-down option above this list and then pick the right theme to show all the top-secret tasks near you!

Once you’ve chosen your Treasure Trail, read on for top tips on how to plan your perfect mission.


Make a daring day of it

Pre-mission prep

Before you start scanning around for intel, it’s vital that you’re prepared for a day of clue-cracking and subtle observation. 

Fuel up

With so many twists and turns ahead, you won’t want a big breakfast to slow you down. Go for cereal, pancakes, porridge or your breakfast of choice, but keep it light!

Get kitted out

You need to blend into your surroundings to avoid catching the eye of suspicious characters, so observe passers-by and double-check your top-secret mission brief to choose a sensible outfit. And don’t draw attention to yourself – dark glasses and a hat are in order. Rubber-soled shoes are a must if you want to tiptoe around out of sight – high heels or tap shoes won’t cut it.

Limber up

If you’ve not been out on an assignment in a while, you might be a little rusty! Before you leave, have a good shake out, limb by limb, and practice slyly looking up, down, left and right in search of the intel. Then, quickly jump left and right a few times to dodge out of view from enemy agents. Practice posing as trees and statues to be certain you’ll blend in – don’t wobble! Finally, a brisk 30 seconds of chasing after enemies on the spot will do the trick! 

Want to make sure you’re in tip-top condition? Try our Secret Agent Training Video before you set off!

Pick your secret agent codename

You never know how many criminal masterminds and enemy operatives could be on your tail, trying to thwart your mission.

To avoid giving away your identity and drawing attention to yourself, you’ll need to choose a codename. Make sure all daring double agents in your team have their own codename and that you refer to them with that name at all times! 

Pick your Secret Agent Codename

Out on your top-secret Trail

Top Trailing tips

You may be brave, but make sure you’re also smart – sneaky is the name of the game to avoid detection. Don’t rush; it takes time to save the world from evil, even if it feels like the clock is ticking! Make sure you’ve carefully scanned around for all the clues without rushing ahead – you don’t want to reach the end and find you can’t crack that all-important code! 

Act like the slipperiest spy

Every time you spot a clue, swiftly clock the answer and then look at something else as you record your intel, just in case anyone is watching.

Keep a lookout for…

Zip wires to get you to the next clue, bollards to leap over, anything to ensure you get to where you are going in the most daring way possible!

Back at HQ

Submit your answer

To close the mission, you need to find out whether you’ve successfully saved the day or whether field agents need to be sent out to complete the task. So, don’t delay – submit your answer for King and country!

Grab some grub

Daring escapades need daring meals. Grab a spicy curry, add some chilli to your pizza or an extra dollop of mustard on your hot dog. You thrive on extra spice!

Shrug off your disguise for some evening fun

After a hard day saving the world, you deserve to relax and recharge so you’ll be ready for the next dangerous operation. 

Get some coded message practice in by writing secret messages to your fellow double agents. Use our coded messages guide for ideas.  

Use your high level of clearance to bag the best seat on the sofa and gather your fellow agents for some super spy films – you can’t beat a classic like James Bond with Dr. No (1962), while Spies in Disguise (2019) is a great option for younger agents.  

If you’d rather curl up with a good book, Harriet the Spy (Louise Fitzhugh, 1964) is a great read to get younger operatives ready for their next mission, while the classic Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (John le Carre, 1974) will keep the adults entertained. If you’re desperate to brush up on your clue-cracking and day-saving abilities, study The Official Spy’s Handbook

What’s next?

Now that you’ve had a taste of top-secret action, you’ll be eager for some more! But did you learn anything while on your mission? Put your new-found knowledge to the test and retake the quiz to see if there’s anything you’d do differently next time. You may discover that you’ve become a totally new type of adventurer! 

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