Secret Message Decoders

As long as there are secrets, there’ll always be a need for coded messages! Whatever your reason for needing to encode or decode vital information (don’t worry – we don’t need to know!), here’s our helpful guide to cracking those coded messages or creating your own!


Morse Code

Dot dot dot, dash dash dash! Get your message sent in a flash!

Morse Code 

Phonetic Alphabet

Do you know your Foxtrot from your Tango? Or who Mike, Charlie and Oscar are?

Phonetic Alphabet 

Pigpen Cipher

Dots and boxes are the key to getting you all code happy!

Pigpen Cipher


Semaphore Flag Decoder

Ahoy me hearties! This ‘ere decoder will help you pass your piratin’ exam with flying colours!

Semaphore Flags


Code Wheel

Round and round we go, encoding letters to and fro! There are lots of ways to use this codewheel! Try a simple A=? to set the wheel for your whole message. Or, create an extra tricky code to crack by making your decoders turn the wheel different amounts for each letter or word! Start – A=F. Two clockwise C, Three anti-clockwise G etc.!

Click on the image to download, print and make your code wheel.

TT Codewheel


Happy Coding Secret Agents!

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