Answers: York Trail Mail

Well done on completing the York Trail Mail challenge! How did you do? Take a peek below to see the three answers.

Easy Peasy

Q: How many different colours can be seen on the flags? Add this to the number of lions on the coat of arms. Subtract that total from the year. What are you left with?

A: 1904. 5 colours + 5 lions = 10, 1914 - 10 = 1904

Mind Twister

Q: Which of the following words can’t be seen in the image? BOW, TREE, COUNT, MAST, HOAR, SAND, FROWN, HEIR, CAR, END


Brain Buster

Q: Line 1 = 0 dots, 1 dash; Line 2 = 4 dots, 6 dashes; Line 3 = 4 dots, 6 dashes; Line 7 = ? dots, ? dashes. Hint – something on this page will help…

A: 8, 6 - Morse code using just the red letters in each line.