Answers: Portrush Trail Mail

Well done on completing the Portrush Trail Mail challenge! How did you do? Take a peek below to see the three answers.

Easy Peasy

Q: How many letters in the top sign do not appear in the bottom sign?

A: Six letters don't appear on both signs - F, M, Q, U, V and W.

Mind Twister

Q: Note down all the numbers on the sign and treat each number individually. If 26 = Z, 25 = Y, etc., convert them into letters and write them in alphabetical order. What is the third letter?

A: F. The numbers are 271996. 2 = B, 7 = G, 1 = A, 9 = I, 9 = I, 6 = F. In alphabetical order, that's ABFGII.

Brain Buster

Q: Which school subject is hidden in the sign (no acronyms)?

A: Art. Can be found within Vehicular Traffic.