Answers: Lincoln Trail Mail

Well done on completing the Lincoln Trail Mail challenge! How did you do? Take a peek below to see the three answers.

Easy Peasy

Q: How many animals are mentioned on the plaque?

A: There are two animals mentioned on the plaque - hare and deer.

Mind Twister

Q: Treating each number on the plaque as single digits, add them all together (eg. 25 = 2 + 5 = 7). You’ll need this number for the next bit. If “This” is 1 and “traditional” is 2, count across the text that many times. What word do you land on?  

A: You'd land on the word poachers. 2+6+1+8+7+7=31, and if you count from "This", the 31st word is poachers.

Brain Buster

Q: Using just the poem in white, if line 1 = 16, line 2 = 15 and line 3 = 17, what does line 4 equal?

A: Line 4 = 17. For this clue, you just want to count the vowels in each line.