Answers: Caerleon Trail Mail

Well done on completing the Caerleon Trail Mail challenge! How did you do? Take a peek below to see the three answers.

Easy Peasy

Q: Using the English alphabet (26 letters, A-Z), how many letters do NOT appear on the whole plaque?

A: Four letters don't appear - J, V, X and Z.

Mind Twister

Q: Find the longest word in Welsh and the longest word in English. What two letters do they share? The same two letters can be found together, in reverse alphabetical order, in only two other words on the plaque. What words are they?

A: Augusta and Standard. The longest Welsh word is Canolbwynt, and the longest English word is Headquarter. These share the letters AT, which can be found together in only Augusta and Standard.

Brain Buster

Q: Triangles – Welsh = 10; English - Latin = 15; (Welsh + English - Triangles) x Latin = ?

A: 14. Triangles = 28, Welsh = 18, English = 17 and Latin = 2. (18 + 17 - 28) x 2 = 14.