Rookie Roamer

You're a Rookie Roamer! Any day spent in the great outdoors is an adventure in your eyes, and you're happy to travel far and wide for a good day out. You love the open road, or rail, or sea for that matter - and you take the scenic route whenever you're able. You're always up for a challenge, whether it's scaling new heights, covering long distances or trying something new, but you like to take things at your own pace - all the more time to soak up the sights. In the evenings, you enjoy meeting up with friends to listen to good music and reminisce, swapping tales of past experiences and planning future expeditions.

Your Bucket List

Your Rookie Roamer Bucket List

Your challenge is to: Travel far and wide! We have 15 challenges plus bonus challenges for you to choose from. Will you complete 5, 10 or all 15 along with all three bonus challenges?

Three Counties challenge

1. Three Counties challenge: Hop into your preferred mode of transport and cross borders to visit three different counties (don't worry - not in the same day!).

Z challenge

2. Z challenge: Make a list of 26 places in the UK you’d like to visit, each beginning with (or containing) a different letter of the alphabet.

Summit challenge

3. Summit challenge: Discover the tallest peak in your county, then go and climb it.

Railway challenge

4. Railway challenge: Write down all the stations on your nearest local train line. Pop them in a hat and pick one to travel to by train for your next day out.

Compass challenge

5. Compass challenge: Ditch the devices and explore somewhere new using only paper maps and signposts, plus a compass to get your bearings if you have one!

Boat challenge

6. Boat challenge: See an area from a different perspective - the water! Take a boat trip along a river, canal or coastline and notice how different the pace of life and types of views are when on the water.

A Long Walk challenge

7. A Long Walk challenge: Plan and tackle a walk of 4+ miles. What will you need to take with you? Where will you stop for breaks? How long will it take?

Four Nations challenge

8. Four Nations challenge. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland... Whichever you live in, take a trip to one of the others!

Pub challenge

9. Pub challenge: Take the scenic route for a long winding dive in the country, stopping for a pub lunch en route.

Academic challenge

10. Academic challenge: Teach yourself to ask for directions in a foreign language. Choose a language for somewhere you'd like to visit in future or just somewhere that intrigues you. Try apps like Duolingo or Memrise to kick you off.

TV challenge

11. TV challenge: Spend the day armchair travelling - dress up in your holiday gear and plate up a selection of international snacks, then pop on some documentaries or TV shows about travelling and foreign countries!

Coast Path challenge

12. Coast Path challenge: Feel on the edge of the world by trekking along one of the UK's spectacular coast paths.

Beach challenge

13. Beach challenge: Create a beach bottle using sand, shells, sea glass and other trinkets collected from a trip to the seaside.

Animals challenge

14. Animals challenge: Play wildlife bingo during your expedition! Find a fun worksheet online and see what animals you spot as you travel.

Miles challenge

15. Miles challenge: Complete 300 miles worth of walks across the year, or more if you're up to it!

Bonus Challenges

Miles challenge

Bonus 1. Embark on a quest to locate a missing artefact on a treasure hunt themed Treasure Trail! Complete your quest and submit your answer to complete this challenge. 

Miles challenge

Bonus 2. Become a secret agent for the day and go on a spy themed Treasure Trail. Complete your mission and submit your answer to complete this challenge.

Miles challenge

Bonus 3. Search for evidence and crack the case on a detective mystery themed Treasure Trail. Complete your investigations and submit your answer to complete this challenge. 

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Adventure changes the way you see the world for the better - something we all need after the last few years! So, tap into your inner wanderer, step out of the front door with your eyes wide open and make this your year of adventure!

Picking challenges can give you something to aim for, and sprinkling them throughout the year gives you something to look forward to, but pledging them makes you much more likely to succeed! Take a look at the challenges and decide how many you want to pledge to do: five, 10 or 15.

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