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Battle of the ages

If you're wondering why we've asked you to select an age group when registering, don't get your hopes up. We're not about to send you a coded birthday card! (Although, wouldn't that be nice?!).

But, after completing your training, the results of your graduation test will be logged by age group to help us find out once and for all which age group really does have what it takes to be a secret agent! 

Will it be Double 0 Gran, as our initial research suggests? Or will younger generations step up to the plate? We'll pass our findings on to GCHQ to let them know who to aim their next recruitment drive at!

Dr David Abrutat, Intelligence and Military Historian, says:

“Since spycraft began there have always been codes and ciphers to break, with data analysis that goes on behind the scenes. It’s so great to see that grandparents are still solving puzzles - perhaps the British intelligence services could see some new recruits coming through in their 70s!”

While you're waiting to start the course:

Spring into action with a mission

This spring, many families will be asking older relatives to help keep their kids entertained during weekends, Easter and a few bank holidays too. With 33% of grandparents most enjoying physical outdoor and sports activities with their grandchildren, closely followed by 31% enjoying code-breaking and solving mysteries, it would seem a digital detox may be on the cards.

Aaron Hutchens, General Manager at Treasure Trails, says:

“It’s clear that today’s grandparents feel younger than ever before, and we want to help encourage them to stay active in both mind and body. With many grandparents thinking that they can still take on the role of a private investigator or even a spy, the perfect way to put their problem-solving skills to the test is by trying out a Treasure Trail.”

There are over 1,200 Treasure Trails to choose from across the UK, with detective mystery and treasure hunt themes to try alongside the spy mission adventures. Each Trail adventure lasts around two hours but is completely self-guided, so you can tackle it at your own pace.

To help you choose, make sure you register for the course using the form above. As part of your training, we'll be sending you our top recommendations for missions in your area.

Whether you're 6 or 106 (or somewhere in between), you're bound to have tonnes of fun as you sneak around local landmarks, dodge enemy drones behind monuments or slip into the side streets to avoid detection on your covert assignment. Move over, kids, there's a new generation of secret agents in town - Double 0 Gran is on the way and is ready to save the day!