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You're a Culture Vulture! You love to discover what makes a place tick, from the beating heart of cities with vibrant music scenes to street art and twisting tales of times gone by. When you're out on an adventure, you seek the unusual, stepping off the beaten track and away from the crowds to unearth the real hidden gems. You're more likely to be found on a ghost tour than on an open-top bus or in a second-hand book store rather than the shopping malls. You enjoy a good night out, whether it's enjoying cocktails with friends, seeing the latest play or watching live music. You have a good bunch of mates with similar interests, and you never run out of things to say, but you're more than happy in your own company too.

Your Bucket List

Your Culture Vulture Bucket List

Your challenge is to: Indulge your creative nature! We have 15 challenges plus bonus challenges for you to choose from. Will you complete 5, 10 or all 15 along with all three bonus challenges?

Hidden Gem challenge

1. Hidden Gem challenge: Investigate a weird and wonderful hidden gem or curious attraction, like St Dunstan in the East or Alnwick Poison Garden - you might find some good ideas here.

Antiques challenge

2. Antiques challenge: Visit somewhere with plenty of second hand and antique shops, split into teams with a budget (real or hypothetical) and have a Bargain Hunt afternoon searching for the best deals.

Music challenge

3. Music challenge: Head out into the hustle and bustle. Sit on a bench, close your eyes and simply listen. Enjoy the moment and listen to the rhythm of the world.

Colour challenge

4. Colour challenge: Visit a city and play rainbow bingo with street art! Tally up how many times each colour appears. Which one is used the most?

TV or Film challenge

5. TV or Film challenge: Explore a filming location, then head home and watch the film or TV show it featured in.

Academic challenge

6. Academic challenge: Learn a new skill or hobby by signing up for an interesting class, whether digital or in person.

Art challenge

7. Art challenge: Visit a new town and take a peek inside every independent art gallery and open studio.

Food challenge

8. Food challenge: Host a dinner party and cook your favourite international cuisine and/or dish associated with a place (like pasties or hotpot).

Star Storyteller challenge

9. Star Storyteller challenge: Pick five random words from the dictionary and write a poem, song or short story featuring them.

Theatre challenge

10. Theatre challenge: Spend an evening out at the theatre to watch a play you've never seen before.

Hero challenge

11. Hero challenge: Explore a place linked to a famous artist, musician or author you admire.

Miles challenge

12. Miles challenge: Go on an alternative walking tour, like the Hidden London Walking Tour or the EDITburgh Tour.

Historical challenge

13. Historical challenge: Compile a 2022 time capsule full of photographs and keepsakes. When full, write a letter to your future self, put it on the top, then lock and hide the capsule. Avoid the temptation to reopen it for as long as possible!

Shapes challenge

14. Shapes challenge: Research the newest outdoor sculpture in your area. Visit it, and then attempt to recreate it at home using the power of craft. 

Mispronunciation challenge

15. Mispronunciation challenge: Think of a word that people commonly mispronounce. Use it in general conversation with your friends, family or out and about. The aim is to say it with enough confidence that people don't correct you.

Bonus Challenges

Mispronunciation challenge

Bonus 1. Embark on a quest to locate a missing artefact on a treasure hunt themed Treasure Trail! Complete your quest and submit your answer to complete this challenge. 

Mispronunciation challenge

Bonus 2. Become a secret agent for the day and go on a spy themed Treasure Trail. Complete your mission and submit your answer to complete this challenge.

Mispronunciation challenge

Bonus 3. Search for evidence and crack the case on a detective mystery themed Treasure Trail. Complete your investigations and submit your answer to complete this challenge.

Set your challenge

Adventure changes the way you see the world for the better - something we all need after the last few years! So, tap into your inner creative, step out of the front door with your eyes wide open and make this your year of adventure!

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