Stuck on the Christmas puzzle?

So, you've cracked all 12 clues, you've filled in your evidence board and you've downloaded the final piece of evidence - the arrows. But, how does it all come together? Here's what to do...

1. Make sure you've written out the shaded letters from Clues 1-10 in the correct boxes on the Evidence Board.

2. Begin in the correct box - you need to decipher Clue 12 to figure this one out.

3. Move around the board following the directional arrows. There is only one correct route around the board, which will see you visit nine different boxes, and there are a few rogue arrows to keep you on your toes.

4. As you go around the board, you need to note down one letter per box. This is where Clue 11 comes in - you should have revealed a series of nine numbers, which will help you decide which letters to pick.

5. You now have the name of the final suspect! Remember to return to the puzzle page and submit your answer.