Christmas Puzzle: Santa's Broken Bauble

The Case of Santa's Broken Bauble

There's outrage at the North Pole. Santa has just got back to his office after a successful Christmas delivering this year’s presents to find that someone has smashed his mystic bauble! This bauble was so magical that all he had to do was look into it and say a child’s name, and he would be able to see just what they wanted for Christmas.

He's tried to piece it back together, but the magic has now gone…and a piece is missing! His head Elf, Noel, can arrange for another one to be made, but the paperwork takes two years to complete. If we don’t find the missing piece and fix the bauble, there will be no Christmas in 2023!

Something like this has never happened at the North Pole, so there's no crime department. Santa's taken a good look around his office and workshop and has put together an evidence board, but 'yule' have to help him find out who did this and why. Was it an elf? Was it an accident? Or was it something else altogether?

Solve the puzzle and secure your spot on the nice list!

How to solve the puzzle

Download the puzzle and instructions above, and then sign up below to have the clues emailed to you. There are twelve clues to crack - you'll need to solve them all to piece together the evidence and find out who broke the bauble.

Where to find the clues!

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The final piece of evidence

Once you've solved all 12 clues, you'll need this one final piece of evidence in order to crack this case. Download it and once solved, return here to submit your naswer. 

But, how do I solve it?

If you've solved all twelve clues, filled in your evidence board and downloaded the final piece of evidence but can't figure out what to do next, don't worry. You've done a great job so far, and we want to make sure you ave everything you need to crack the case! Click here for some hints on how to pull all your clues together to reveal the culprit.

Solved it? Submit your answer

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Ready for more sleuthing?

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