Walking Back to Happiness

Remember the Helen Shapiro song, ‘Walking Back To Happiness’? I was listening to the lyrics the other day and the line ‘All my blues have blown away’ reminded me how good it always feels when you’ve been out for a walk and all those endorphins have been swilling around.

Recently, one of our customers sent us an email which we have permission to quote from

Walking Back to Happiness - Helen Shapiro

“It's such a good way of getting fresh air and exercise without feeling like your doing exercise (if that makes sense). I'm currently signed off from work with stress and depression and the doctor has told me to get out and about. We have now done Knaresborough and Harrogate and has been very therapeutic for me.” (Kath R., Leeds)

We are naturally delighted that our products are helping someone feel better and we hope you feel completely better soon Kath. We have another one of our customers who told us that she does the Trails with her autistic son as she says they are really good for him.

We regularly get comments about getting the children out for exercise and out from behind their phone and tablet screens!  SR from Gloucester remarked to us when she submitted her answer to the Bristol Harbourside Trail “This was lots of fun for the whole family. Kept my two boys entertained without asking for a screen once!!!”.  Now that’s got to be good for them!

So everyone knows that walking is good for you, but not everyone likes walking.  Sometimes you need a little bit of encouragement or even a little bit of distraction whilst walking. If you are feeling a bit down and need to put a bit of happiness back in your life, you could do a lot worse than a having a bit of a walk with a difference!

Choose a Treasure Trail from our catalogue - click on the Buy a Trail tab and let us know how solving a set of clues and following the directions made you feel much better! Put it on your things to do list today!