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  • Local Treasure Hunts to Escape the Crowds

    Tourist hotspots are hotspots for a reason - they're great places to visit and well worth exploring. But sometimes you want to escape the crowds and enjoy a sense of space. We’ve gathered a list of our most remote Trails across the UK – all broken down into county to help your find a Trail close to your home or holiday destination.
  • Walking Back to Happiness

    Remember the Helen Shapiro song, ‘Walking Back To Happiness’? I was listening to the lyrics the other day and the line ‘All my blues have blown away’ reminded me how good it always feels when you’ve been out for a walk and all those endorphins have been swilling around.
  • Walking Backwards

    Walking is a popular and beneficial way to exercise but did you know that walking backwards has even more benefits? Of course if you walked backwards whilst completing a Treasure trail you might miss some of the clues, but on the other hand you would definitely see more than you were looking for!
  • The Health Benefits of Walking For Seniors

    The health benefits of walking regularly have been well-publicised recently through the media and it can especially be considered a valuable fitness tool for older people.