Things to do on a Rainy Sunday

Treasure Trails are all about getting out and about in the fresh air and exploring a place you haven’t been to before or seeing a place you know really well with fresh eyes. But sometimes the weather is against you and going out in the pouring rain with a paper based game just doesn’t hack it!

For just those sorts of days we have a game or two up our sleeves to play indoors on a rainy day.

The Legend of Captain Blackbeard’s Treasure

Things to do on rainy Sunday - The Legend of Captain Blackbeard's Treasure

This fun game devised by our whizzes in HQ needs a little bit of preparation first. Creating the game is almost as much fun as playing it!   The person creating the clues has to find six places around the house to hide pieces of a map and create clues to those six places. The clues could be cryptic or coded depending on the ages of the people playing the game. Once you download the instructions found at this link, it all becomes crystal clear!

Treasure hunt around the house designed by you

Things to do on rainy Sunday - Treasure Trails code wheel

Maybe you don’t fancy a pirate themed Treasure Hunt but want something that can be adapted to suit your own story or party theme. In this case we suggest you use our generic home Trail which uses a Clue Wheel to find places around your home. Full instructions are at this link and are really easy to follow.

Car Games

Things to do on rainy Sunday - I-Spy Car Bingo

If you really want to go out you can still play games in the car. We can offer Car Cricket, I-spy Car Bingo and I-spy Battleships. All of which can be downloaded before setting out and enough ‘cards’ printed for all the players.

Just a quickie

Of course all the above games require a little preparation. Sometimes though, it is nice just to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and solve a puzzle or two.

For those occasions, head to our Facebook page where a brand new puzzle is posted every Monday. Or try out our Video Puzzles posted on the Treasure Trails channel on YouTube.

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