Eyes down, look in - it's time for 'I-Spy Car Bingo'!

As part of our 15 games to entertain kids on long car journeys series to help you survive an upcoming trip in one piece, we've created a brilliant free downloadable observation game for children aged 5-105 to play. Travel Games for Kids - Kids car game - I-Spy Car Bingo

In a nutshell...

Spot items on a car journey to cross off bingo cards.

This will stop you getting asked "are we nearly there yet?" for...

About 30 minutes, although it could take longer depending on your surroundings and which cards are picked.

LOL factor:

Medium. Excitement starts to build towards the end!

Required Mensa levels:

Pretty easy, this one. Anyone aged 5-105 can enjoy I-Spy Car Bingo!

Travel Games for Kids - Ways to keep kids entertained on a car journey


Once you've downloaded your I-Spy Bingo Cards, grab some pens, read the below rules and you are ready to go!

Instead of numbers, you'll see that each Bingo Card contains names of things that you may see on your car journey. Each time you spot one of these items, you can put a cross in that square. All the cards are different - some items appear on every card, while others only appear on one card.

The first person to get a line of crosses (up, down, or diagonal) shouts "Bingo" and wins a small prize or one point. The first person to cross all the items off their card shouts "House" and wins an even bigger prize or five points.

When a player sees an item on their card, they must declare it to the other players by shouting "I-Spy a (name of item)" so it can be verified by the others. Any other players with that item on their card can't cross it off as they have to see the item themselves.

If two people call out at exactly the same time for the same item, and it can't be determined who called out first, then that item does not count for either player, and they have to spot it again.

Tips & Variants:

  • Laminate the bingo sheets and use dry wipe pens that can be wiped off afterwards so you can play over and over again.
  • Get players to select their bingo cards randomly to keep it fair.
  • Create your own cards with items that are more suited to the area in which you are driving. We've included some blank bingo sheets for you to get creative.
  • If there are more than four players, use the extra blank sheets, but try to make sure that you keep the difficulty level the same - no cheating now!

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