Things to do and Places to go if you are a Foodie

There are some amazing pubs, coffee shops and restaurants all across the UK and everyone has their favourites. We would love to hear what yours are, but in the meantime, we’ve selected a few Trails that go past or close to some of our partner’s recommendations to share with you.

Pre-dinner drinks

For award-winning pubs how about trying the ones in Abbots Bromley and Barton under Needwood. Starting with a Treasure Trail of course first to whip up a thirst!

Things to do and Places to go if you are a Foodie - I LOVE Food!


On to your starter, we’ve heard that Whitstable is a oyster town with a mass of seafood restaurants and well worth a weekend visit. Or how about heading to The Riverside Restaurant in Dorset, which is a favourite of the local Trail partner! The restaurant is actually a clue on the West Bay Trail, so you don’t even have to divert from your main event.


If you are in the Shropshire and Staffordshire areas, think Lichfield and Ludlow for restaurants, and maybe try the Acton Trussell Hoard of the Rings Treasure Trail as the Moat House commissioned the Trail and it has a great restaurant, frequented annually by the England World Cup winning team (those that are still alive) for their reunion.

Heading to London, the choice is vast but we’ve chosen just a couple to focus on. The Bankside Trail goes through Borough Market with its wonderful stalls selling organic and farm fresh produce from around the world. This is similar to the world flavours found in the many food stalls at West Yard, which is close to the start of the Primrose Hill Treasure Trail.


Things to do and Places to go if you are a Foodie - Definition of a Foodie

Everyone loves sticky toffee pudding right! Cartmel - the Medieval Village is home to the genuine article. The village shop where you can buy it is right at the end of the Trail and there’s a great cheese shop and local brewery there too!  The back story for this Trail is one of our favourites.

Sticky Strop Stumps Stricken Stalkers

Angry that the secret of the 'sticky' in his famous sticky toffee pudding would 'barley' survive as competing chefs 'creped' around his restaurant, pastry chef Roland Flatten hid the recipe in a huff. As there were no 'wheatnesses' to the event, he 'kneaded' to mark the secret location on a 'state of the tart' map! As all is fair in 'loaf' and war, Roland (a 'gluten' for punishment) has invited all comers to search for his misplaced recipe, declaring "The winner will ‘bake' it all!”.

Afternoon Tea

Best for afternoon tea choices head to the Isle of Wight and Godshill where our Trail writer told us, she had never seen so many olde cream tea shoppes in one small setting!

Where are your favourite restaurants and coffee shops and other foodie places? We would love to hear from you. Get in touch via twitter or Facebook or contact us through the website.