The Manchester Trail Mail Challenge

Set on the image below, are four questions of varying degrees of difficulty.

Can you crack them?

This sign can be found along the route of our brand new "Manchester - The Wizard's Spellbook" Treasure Hunt

1: Easy Peasy...

Our easy level Clue is:

The letters of only one of these words can all be found within a single line on the plaque: WAND, NEWT, SPELL, GOBLIN, OWL, OGRE, FROG.  Which one is it?

2: Mind Twister...

Our medium level Clue is:

Find the word that contains three cricket related words within it.

3: Brain Buster...

Our difficult level Clue is:

Count the number of points on a single star. Then count the number of stars. If 1=A, 2=B, 26=Z etc, work out the letters that the two numbers represent. Which is the shortest word that contains both letters?

4: Super Duper Tricky...

Our double difficult level Clue is:

Which letter completes this sequence: btf?

Now Submit Your Trail Mail Answers!

Submit your answers to all three of these Clues (or as many as you could solve!) to be in with the chance to WIN your next Treasure Trails adventure!

Our Spotlight Location: Manchester

With this Trail Mail challenge set along the route of our brand new Wizard themed Manchester Treasure Hunt, allow us to tell you more...

Manchester was historically the cotton powerhouse of the world and once dubbed "Cottonopolis".

At one point in the 1860's Manchester was reported to account for a whopping 98% of all the finished cotton produced worldwide.

Today, the previously industrial city is now famous for its red & blue football rivalry, the birth place of many iconic music bands and its buzzing university (to name but a few).

We think Manchester is a great place to visit. So much so we've written 3 Treasure Trail adventures in and around the city.

Our Amazing (and often weird) Fact:

Across the globe you'll find 35 other 'Manchesters'.

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In total, 31 Manchesters can be found in the USA. The remaining 4 are in Bolivia, Canada, Jamaica and Surinam.

*For the record I had no idea where Surinam was either!

You'll find Surinam on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America, just north of Brazil.