The Box Hill Trail Mail Challenge

Get your thinking caps on – we’ve got a Trail Mail Challenge with a twist for you! 🔍

This time, we’ve got three different pictures, with a crafty Clue to solve set on each one. Each sign can be found on the route of our Box Hill Trail.

Are you ready? Here are your sneaky Trail Mail questions:


1. Easy Peasy…

Carefully study the picture below:

Box Hill Easy Peasy Clue | March Trail Mail Challenge


Our easy level Clue is:

Count how many leaves there are on the three main stems in the middle of the pic. Times this by the number of bees there are. Your total is your answer.


2. Mind Twister…

You don’t really  need the picture for this one, but take a peek anyway:

Box Hill Mind Twister Clue | March Trail Mail Challenge


Our medium level Clue is:

From left to right, Flower = 79, Bug = 30, Mouse = 73

What does ‘mushrooms’ equal?


3. Brain Buster…

Carefully study the picture below:

Box Hill Brain Buster Clue | March Trail Mail Challenge


Our difficult level Clue is:

Times M by H – write down your answer.

Times C by W – write down your answer.

Now, add these together! (Hint: you don’t need any words here)


Now Submit Your Trail Mail Answers!

Submit your answers to all three of these Clues (or as many as you could solve!) to be in with the chance to WIN your next Treasure Trails adventure! 

🔦 Our Spotlight Location: Box Hill

Box Hill: Our Spotlight Location | March Trail Mail Challenge


With Spring finally here, we’ve been inspired to get out into the countryside and soak up the atmosphere, albeit from the comfort of our sofas!

What better way to celebrate than a Trail Mail challenge set along the route of our Box Hill Trail? Allow us to tell you more…

Box Hill is a stunning summit in the North Downs in Surrey. Despite how it sounds, the hill itself, of course, is not in the shape of a box – in fact, it gets its name from its ancient box woodland.

The history of Box Hill goes all the way back to the Bronze Age, with two barrows discovered near the Salomons Memorial (a very popular viewpoint). The National Trust has owned portions of the area for over 100 years now! The first section was given to them in 1914, and they’ve been acquiring, and managing, new parts of the estate ever since.

We think that Box Hill is a fantastic place to visit, and we can’t wait to explore it once again when the lockdown is lifted and the site reopens. Of course, we’ll be bringing along our Box Hill Trail and slipping on our Secret Agent disguises to really reveal the hidden gems!

The Box Hill Trail | March Trail Mail Challenge


Our Amazing (and often weird) Fact:

No one really knows where Box Hill’s trees originate from. 🌳 🤔

Sources from the late 18th century suggested that they were first planted by Thomas Howard, who was the 1st Duke of Arundel during the reign of Charles I.

Yet older, medieval documents suggest local residents planted them, and that they’ve been around since 13th century! Who knows if we’ll ever find out for certain…


Just One More Thing…

Got some time on your hands? Check out this fab video made for the National Trust’s Centenary at Box Hill. It’s a long one, but worth it for the stunning sights, old images and fascinating historical facts.

We can’t wait to explore Box Hill again – what stunning views! 😍