The Bowness Trail Mail Challenge

It's time for your latest Trail Mail Challenge!

Set on the image below, are three questions of varying degrees of difficulty.

Can you crack them?

1: Easy Peasy...

Our easy level Clue is:

Count the number of arrows seen on the telescope and multiply this by the number of individual pennies it would cost you to work the telescope. What number do you get?

2: Mind Twister...

Our medium level Clue is:

Imagine you have rotated the main turnbar by the coin slot to 6 o’clock. Now looking at the ‘finger’ that would be pointing at 12 o’clock, imagine a line drawn straight upwards. Note down the two closest letters to this line in the word closest to the turnbar. Now find the only two individual words on the telescope that starts with each of these letters

3: Brain Buster...

Our difficult level Clue is:

Taking the first five letters of each line of text and looking at them individually, unscramble three of them to work out the definitions of the following words: ‘Someone that will help you’, ‘A loud noise’ and ‘Something to help you dry.'

It's Now Time to Submit Your Answers!

Submit your answers to all three of these Clues (or as many as you could solve!) to be in with the chance to WIN your next Treasure Trails adventure!