Hidden Treasure » 2023 May

  • Hiking with kids

    Hiking as a search term is still experiencing a 30% growth from pre-Covid times. Has the perception of hiking changed, and how can you get your family into this rediscovered pursuit? Aaron, Chief Mischief-Maker at Treasure Trails, shares his seven top tips for hiking with kids.
  • Walk this Way… …the Treasure Trails way!

    Calling all Treasure Trailers – welcome to your Walk this Way challenge!

    We love nothing more than to go out for a walk. Sometimes that’s on a Treasure Trail, but of course, you can’t do a Trail every time you leave your house on foot. That’s why, for National Walking Month, we’ve got some of our other ideas for making your next walk a whole lot more fun!

  • Royal Virtual Trail

    Slippery spies - it's time to brush off your deciphering skills! Poor Mr Greengrass is all of a flutter. As groundskeeper at Buckingham Palace, his job is to keep the gardens looking pristine. But there's fowl play at work. He's stumbled across a device that plays high-pitched music only birds can hear. More and more have flocked to the gardens, causing a right royal mess. Can you quack the clues on this virtual mission to decipher the device's deactivation code and save the day? Quick, before the grounds are overrun with feathery friends!