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Who doesn’t like a bit of friendly competition?!

From Friday 18th September, and every Friday after, until the 4th December, we’ve been collating all entries from the various puzzles and adding your points together; two points for a correct entry, one point for an incorrect one (think of it like the school sports award for ‘most enthusiastic’) and zero points if you didn’t submit an answer for that puzzle.

Anyone on 28 points will automatically get a free Treasure Trail of their choice. But don’t worry if you didn’t quite get full marks, you were still in with a chance of…

The big one!

All those who’ve submitted answers (right or wrong) to all 14 puzzles by the 4th December, will also have the chance to get their hands on an awesome Cryptex and £50 by answering one final mind-boggling question.

Just remember…

When submitting your answers to the puzzles, be sure to use a consistent Puzzle Master Name and email address. Only your Puzzle Master Name will appear below, your email address is of course kept private and secure in our TT vault!

Leaderboard – Final standings!

Updated 11th December.

Please note – we have cleaned up all the data to match incorrectly spelt email addresses, multiple submissions from one email address, and duplicate use of the same Puzzle Master Name (i.e., two separate people choosing the same name – if this is the case we have just put a sequential number at the end).

If you have 28 points, keep an eye on your inbox for your free Trail!

View the Leaderboard here!

Puzzle Answers have now been be revealed as the competition has closed!