The Hay-on-Wye Trail Mail Challenge

Put your thinking caps on – we’ve got a bookish Trail Mail Challenge for you! 📚

Take a good look at the sign below, as we’ve set three sneaky questions on it for you to solve (plus a bonus one just for fun!).

Hay-on-Wye Trail Mail Challenge

This sign can be found along the route of our Hay-on-Wye Famous for Books Trail!

Your sneaky Trail Mail questions are:

1. Easy Peasy…

Our easy level Clue is:

Up, down, left, left, up, right, down, left, aha, a baby! But what tile did you start on?

2. Mind Twister…

Our medium level Clue is:

Look at all of the letters here. Using each letter only once, how many times can you write the word ‘book’?

3. Brain Buster…

Our difficult level Clue is:

Work out what letters these combinations equal, then rearrange them to find a famous author.

What is the answer, and what is your favourite book by this author?

3, 2, 3
6, 1, 3
8, 3, 4
2, 1, 9
1, 1, 2
4, 3, 3
2, 1, 8
2, 2, 1
7, 2, 5
1, 1, 5

4. Knowledge Tester…

Our bonus question is:

What part of the body will you find on a book?

Now Submit Your Trail Mail Answers!

Submit your answers to all three of these Clues (or as many as you could solve!) to be in with the chance to WIN your next Treasure Trails adventure!

🔦 Our Spotlight Location: Hay-on-Wye

Hay-on-Wye our spotlight location for this months Trail Mail Challenge.

With World Book Day just around the corner (Thursday 5th March, to be precise), we’ve been inspired to climb back into our bookshelves!

What better way to celebrate than a Trail Mail Challenge set along the route of our Hay-on-Wye Famous for Books Trail? Allow us to tell you more…

With over twenty bookshops, Hay-on-Wye is a literature-lovers paradise! As the world’s first book town, it inspired towns and villages across the globe to follow in its footsteps.

It all started in the 1960s when local man Richard Booth opened his first second-hand bookshop. Over time, Hay-on-Wye became the number one destination for bibliophiles, and gained the nickname “The Town of Books”.

We think that Hay-on-Wye is a fantastic place to visit, and the Hay-on-Wye Famous for Books Trail is the perfect way to see its hidden gems (if you can tear yourself away from the bookshops, of course!).

Hay-on-Wye Famous For Books! Mystery Trail

Our Amazing (and often weird) Fact:

Hay-on-Wye was once declared an independent kingdom, complete with monarch, flag and national anthem! 👑

Hay Castle, featured on the Hay-on-Wye Famous for Books Trail

On 1st April 1977, Richard Booth proclaimed that Hay-on-Wye was an independent state, with himself as King Richard and his horse as Prime Minister.

Soon after, Hay Passports were made available for residents or any visitors who wanted one, and for just £25 you could get a Dukedom and a t-shirt!

It may have been a publicity stunt, but it certainly worked, putting this little Welsh* book town firmly on the radar of book lovers worldwide.

*Hay has a Herefordshire postcode for convenience but is firmly rooted in Powys.