Back-to-school Virtual Trail

Your ultimate invitation!

Congratulations! You've just received an invitation from the most prestigious (and top secret) explorer school, the Hush Hush Academy, asking you to join them. But first, you'll need to show the legendary professors that you've got what it takes to become a TOP adventurer.

Your first task as a prospective student is to solve the clues found with your invitation to determine where on the treasure map the mysterious school can be discovered. If you successfully reach the academy before term starts, you could be chosen to formally join their ranks. Only the best explorers will be picked, though, so make sure you pay close attention to the clues and really show the professors that you deserve a spot!

Download the Virtual Trail

The Hush Hush Academy Virtual Trail

Solve it

Have you got what it takes to successfully reach the Hush Hush Academy before term begins? Download the Back-to-school Virtual Trail via the link above. When you've completed your quest and worked out the academy's secret location, submit your answer below to see if you're right!

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Have a back-to-school adventure

While you wait to find out whether you're correctly unearthed the Hush Hush Academy's hiding spot, brush up on your real-life exploration skills with a Treasure Trail. With 1,200 Trails across the UK, you're bound to find the perfect adventure for your smart team of treasure seekers to tackle.

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