A Treasure Trails Wedding!

Sue and Roger are avid trailers living in Haworth. They both have a love of Cornwall and a love of Treasure Trails, having completed over 100 Trails together, predominantly in Yorkshire and Cornwall.

The Proposal:

After many years together Roger eventually proposed, he even used a typical trail style clue to do the deed. 13,1,18,18,25  13,5. In socks! (but that’s another story).

The Plan:

Roger so wanted a wedding in their beloved Cornwall but thinking of the distance guests would have to travel, Sue was not so sure. She had to come up with a better plan!

A lovely hotel that was registered for weddings, the Steam Train that runs through Haworth for the reception and a Treasure Trail set on the train to keep the guests busy. Roger was sold on the idea.

Time to email Jane, the Yorkshire Trail setter. Could you? Can we? Will you? (how much?!).

She said YES!

Jane suggested that Roger and Sue planned it themselves, making it personal to them. She would then support them by proof reading the Trail, ensuring it was in ‘trail speak’ and finally put it into the official Treasure Trail format.

The wedding day was sorted!

After spending several weekends visiting the stations on the line, ascertaining that clues created were based on permanent fixtures, ensuring clues could be solved without leaving the train at the intermediate stations, (with an opportunity to stretch the legs at either end with clues on the platform whilst the engine turned around), the Trail was complete. It was good that they were able to create answers that were personal to themselves, using a mixture of local names, Cornish names etc and that the backstory was their own as well.

Where was the key to the honeymoon suite?

Happy Treasure Seekers:

Hoping everyone would take part, they were not disappointed. Some family members were already Treasure Trailers but others would be seeing a Trail booklet for the first time, but hopefully not the last! It exceeded their expectations with not only a majority of guests taking part but also seeing guests working together who hadn’t met each other before that day.

Thank you to all guests who took part and good luck in the monthly prize draw to those who submitted the correct answer!

Before heading off on their honeymoon in Cornwall and even more Trailing, Sue and Roger wish to thank Yorkshire Trail setters Jane & Neil for their help and support, as well as Aaron and his team at HQ, keep up the good work.