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    • A Murder Mystery themed walking Treasure Trail around Shrewsbury
    • Ideal for discovering more about where you live or exploring somewhere new
    • Trails are done in your own time at your own pace
    • This Trail is approximately 2 miles long and takes 2 hours to complete
    • This Trail is suitable for all ages from 6 - 106 (no children necessary!)
    • One Trail booklet is enough for 4-5 people
    • Chance to win some real Treasure! All correct answers are entered into the monthly £100 prize draw
    • Circular loop Trail
    • Mobile phone text service for clue answers if you get stuck, ensuring that no mystery goes unsolved
    • This Trail can be sent to you in the post or downloaded today for instant Trailing fun!

The Darwin's Shrewsbury Treasure Trail starts at:

Mardol Head

Please Note: The Shrewsbury Flower Show is held every August and it is not recommended to attempt this Trail while the show is being held, as access to part of the Trail route is restricted for the duration of the show.

For more details of when the next Flower Show is, please visit the Shrewsbury Flower Show website.

There are five Clues in The Dingle which is open at these approximate times:

April: 10am - 6pm
May to Aug: 10:30am - 7:30pm
Sept: 10am - 6pm
Oct to March: 8am - 4pm

If you are short on, time go there first (Clues 11 - 15).

Why not match this with our other Trail, Shrewsbury Market Town that explores the old parts of Shrewsbury to make whole a day of exploring this fascinating location?