Who are the Trails for

The Trails really are for all ages.

We started off writing them thinking that families would be our only market, but it quickly became apparent that there is a big kid in all of us. We love hearing from grandparents who tell us with a cheeky giggle how they did their first Trail with their grandchild and since then have gone on to complete 10 more Trails with no one under the age of 60 to be seen. In fact, one of our favourite groups of Trailers have affectionately called themselves ‘The Old Biddies’ and they can often be seen super-sleuthing around Cornwall!

Things for grandparents to do

Children under the age of 6 may struggle to solve a lot of the clues as the Trails are written in what we like to call ‘adult language’, but with a little bit of help from older siblings or parents, even they can get involved. We do have some specific Trails for our younger Trailers under the age of 6 – these include more visual clues and are marked as ‘for kids’ in the Trail title.

So along with families and ‘old biddies’, we have thousands of younger couples and groups doing the Trails, hen parties love them for a more sober daytime activity, businesses with small teams and a tight budget get out and about with a Trail and organizations such as the scouts and girl guides work with us to use the Trails for great activities.

feedback : The trail was great for 4 senior citizens, the right length for a pre- or post- lunch amble. #Howden

Things for kids to do
Lots of people in their 50's and 60's enjoy the Trails without a child in sight!