What we do?

Hopefully you’ve had a good nose around our site, so you know what we do. But just in case you don’t…well, we write self-guided themed Treasure Hunts around different villages, towns and cities across the UK. The Trails are designed to get locals and visitors out and about exploring somewhere new, or seeing somewhere they have lived all their life in a new way.

The Trails are small booklets, but within them is a big adventure. The Treasure Trail experience was designed primarily for families, with kids from the ages of 6 upwards, but we have had thousands of adults (as old as 92) doing the Trails without a child in sight – we like to say that they bring out the big kid in everyone!

The Trails take, on average, around 2 hours to complete, and are themed as a Murder Mystery, Spy Mission or Treasure Hunt. By solving the clues we have written, you will either be discovering whodunit, cracking the code, or finding the location of the long lost treasure. The Trails will normally have around 20-25 clues, the answers of which are found within the area you are exploring; it could be the name on an information board which helps you learn about the local history, the date on a memorial, or the numbers on a drain hole cover – you really will be looking high and low.

Currently, we have over 1,200 Trails across different areas of the UK. Our job is to keep the Trails in tip-top shape (things are always changing in towns!), write more Trails, and let the UK know about the Trails. I guess the last point is our biggest challenge.

If you would like to know a little more about the Trails in 90 seconds – have a look at our video