We are different

We don’t think twice about spending an hour talking to a customer who is spending just £9.99 with us. That’s because we have a real love for our product and love talking to like-minded people.

We love discussing Trails and sneaky clues, and of course the wonderful locations across the UK which the Trails help to explore.

What’s more, we love creating great free games and puzzles for our Trailers. Why? Well, we hope that it will help us stay fresh in your minds, but mainly it’s because we just love doing it!

We’re not some fancy big boy in the city (although Truro is a city ;-)) who drinks champagne on his lunch break - we’re just a group of down to earth people having some fun, and we would love you to join us on our Treasure Trail adventure. We have a great community on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube, where you can find quirky games and puzzles (all of which are free!) and of course share your favourite Trail memories with likeminded Treasure Trailers!

Great free puzzles and games