Difficulty of walk on the Trails

The Trails are generally set as gentle walks. As you will be stopping a lot to look for clues, it is not as physically demanding as walking 2 miles straight. And whilst we provide guidance on duration (which averages 2 hours) this is the time spent doing the whole adventure, so a 2-hour Trail will involve about an hour’s walk and an hour looking for clues all interspersed on the walking route.

We try to avoid steep hills and lots of steps, but sometimes in hilly areas it is unavoidable to ensure that you take in the best scenery and historical sights, so please ask if you’d like more detail on the route of a specific Trail. Generally, we would like to think that our Trails are a great form of leisurely exercise for a young child with little legs or someone who has limited fitness or mobility.

Unless stated otherwise, most Trails are on tarmac paths and so can be completed year round in normal shoes you would walk around town in. Those which are more rural can go on muddy/uneven paths, but we will make this clear within the Trail.

Aside from our Trails written specifically for locations such as Private Gardens (and we only have one or two of these which are clearly marked as such), our Trails all explore public access property. You do not need to pay any entrance fees and you will never need to enter private grounds.

Fun ways to exercise