More than 5 people going on your Trail?

The Trails work really well for small groups of 2-5 people. The idea is that you all work off the one Trail booklet so that you work together as a team. If there are more of you than 5, there are a couple of things we suggest to make your Trail experience better.

- Split yourselves into teams of 3-5 people and make sure you purchase a Trail booklet per group (don’t just buy one copy and photocopy it as the Textline won’t work for everyone which affects your Trail experience, and to get all moral for a second – we are a small business and can’t survive if everyone copies them – besides, they are under copyright protection too ;-))

- Once you have split yourselves into teams, we suggest setting off 5-10 minutes apart. The Trails all follow a set route, so if you set off at the same time, you will just be following one another and you really won’t get a good Trail experience.

- Whilst waiting for the other group(s) to go off, why not add an extra activity to do such as a picture challenge. This will keep everyone engaged whilst waiting.

- You could time yourselves as well to make a competition of it – please be careful though when crossing streets and searching for clues on pavements near traffic.

If there are more than 5 of you, hopefully this will help you a little. We do of course have our Trail Writing Partners, whose job it is to craft outstanding bespoke projects for you. So whilst using a standard Trail for your best friend’s hen party will be great, if there is a group of 10-15 of you, speak to our local Trail Writer first; they will be able to create an enhanced experience at a very affordable price.

The Trails are great for small groups of 4-5 people