How do the Trails work?

What's in the Trails?

Our Trails come in the form of A5 booklets which you can either print at home, or have printed and sent to you by us.

The booklets contain a start point, directions, and Clues, all designed to lead you around the most interesting parts of your chosen location. You won't need a map or any knowledge of the local area to complete the Trail - just bring your pen and best thinking cap!

You'll also find a fictional, tongue-in-cheek backstory relating to the Trail theme.

What are the Clues like?

Our Clues are set on objects in the local environment, such as plaques, statues, images, signs, monuments, engravings, and anything else we can think of! We often use sneaky, lesser known objects to really get you exploring the area.

We always aim to have a good mixture of easy and challenging Clues to make sure everyone of all ages and abilities can get involved in solving the Trail.

For an example of how a Clue works, we recommend watching the quick video below:

Treasure Hunt Map

The Trail Route

Most of our Trails are circular routes, so will take you on a loop walk that starts and finishes in the same place. We also have some linear Trails, so keep an eye out for these in the Trail descriptions before purchasing.

Our Trails won't take you onto private property, but may take you through some parks and churchyards.

How to solve the Trail

On the back page of the Trail, you'll find either a treasure map (for Treasure Hunt themed Trails), a suspects and weapons gallery (for Murder Mystery themed Trails), or a combination box and answer grid (for Spy Mission themed Trails).

Each Clue you find and solve will lead you to eliminate either a location from the treasure map, a suspect or weapon from the gallery, or a character from the combination box, which will lead you to your final answer through a process of elimination.