Don’t worry if you get stuck on a clue…

…as we have invested in something we call the SMS ‘stuck on a clue’ helpline! This is a service we set up to ensure that no Trail goes unsolved. Every Trail has a Unique Reference Number which is unique to your purchase. In addition to allowing you to submit your answer into our monthly £100 prize draw (more on that later), you can use your Unique Reference Number to text for up to three clues which you might be stuck on.

We set this service up to help you out if you get stuck and find that you can’t solve a clue. This may be because the clue is just a stinker (and if it is let us know and we will review it) or, unfortunately we do have what we call broken clues – where scaffolding might go up thereby covering up a clue answer, access to a clue is blocked due to temporary works, or if a sign we wrote a clue on has changed. As soon as we are aware of this we will always go and fix the clue but unfortunately we often don’t find out about these issues unless Trailers let us know – it is always the way that we’ll go out and check a Trail, it is all fine, and then two days later something changes! With 1,200 Trails across the UK being looked after by 20 Trail Writers, you can imagine how much of a mammoth task it is!

Don't worry if you get stuck on a clue - as we can help!

Please do accept our apologies if this ever happens to you, but we hope that the SMS Textline service will mean that you can continue on your adventure and solve the Trail - and as soon as we find out there is a problem – we take it offline until it can be checked.

If you do use the ‘stuck on a clue’ helpline, it’s an automated service and you will get a text back with the clue answer and details of where the clue answer can (or should) be found.

We’ve invested in this service as a key feature of the Trail experience - the only cost to you is from your network provider – which will be your standard network charge for a shortcode text message. This is usually anywhere from 5p-20p per text, or free if included in any inclusive texts, depending on your mobile network provider and contract. Please check with your mobile provider if you are unsure.

All instructions for the SMS 'Stuck on a clue' helpline can be found within your Trail booklet.

A reply from the 'Stuck on a clue' helpline