Pushchair and wheelchair accessibility of the Trails

We have tried our hardest to ensure that all the Trails are accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs, but unfortunately sometimes this just isn’t possible. If there is an alternative route in a Trail to avoid steps we will let you know.

All of our Trails are clearly marked as to whether they are pushchair and wheelchair accessible – this can be seen on the Trail front cover and on the web page for that Trail.

A Trail may say it is not wheelchair accessible but is ok for pushchairs – this will normally be due to a very small flight of steps – if there are lots of steps then we will deem this as unsuitable for pushchairs as well. Again, a very steep hill may pose an issue for a wheelchair user, so we will mark it as such, but we consider it ok for a pushchair.

If in any doubt, please just ask us.

We clearly mark which Trails are pushchair and wheelchair friendly
A lot of our Trails are a pushchair and wheelchair friendly day out

How to search for accessible Trails:

1. Find the 'Where would you like to explore?' at the top of every one of our webpage. Enter the name of a city, town or village, or even a postcode, and select one of the options that appear as you type.

2. Once searched, you’ll be sent to a page where you’ll see how many Trails are in a 30-mile radius, alongside a map, with locations pinned. Click the “Filters” button above the map to tailor your results by theme, accessibility, length and more!

3. Now you’ve tailored your results to suit your exploration needs, scroll down to below the map, where you’ll see all of the Trails nearby, in order of how far they are from the location you searched.

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