New wardrobe? We're looking cool, and so are you!

We've got a great new website and you're on it....



Existing customer?

Let's get the boring bits out the way first - if you already have an account with us, you'll need to click on this link to reset your password, as all the tech and privacy laws don't allow us to transfer those over.


Now to the cool stuff.

The site has better search function and filters on it, is a dam sight easier to use on a mobile, but best of all, we have pimped out your customer account and the sparkle which goes with it:

  • We have ported across all your historical orders so you can see which Trails you have and haven't done
  • We have introduced a Footsteps Loyalty scheme; earn footsteps to cash in for Trails
  • Unlock Trail Blazer badges on Trail answer submissions
  • Earn membership to exclusive Clubs with features and benefits


We hope you like it - but please let us know if you spot anything which doesn't work or isn't as you'd like it.