Need to convince a grumpy spouse or child? Here are our tips…

If your spouse would rather stay indoors and watch the football or Celebrity Big Brother, or your offspring can’t bear the thought of looking at something other than their phone, then try one of our carefully worded phrases to get them in the mood for a Trail:

“You always fancied being James Bond didn’t you?” (relevant for a Spy Trail only!)

“It won’t even feel like exercise as we’ll be too busy having fun, plus by doing the Trail we’ll burn up to 500-600 calories which is the equivalent of a Zumba class!”

“The kids will get some fresh air away from the computer, get some exercise and learn all sorts but they’ll be having way to much fun to realise this!”

“You could win £100 – and then you can buy that insert desirable object here!”

“We can stop for a nice pub lunch along the route!”

“If we get the right answer, I’ll treat us to an ice-cream / afternoon tea / pint at the end!”

“If you’re worried it will be too difficult, you can text for some of the answers!”

“Bet you can’t solve as many clues as I can!”

“Gary Lineker has done one…!”