Welcome to a world of scooting adventures!

You've just got your hands on a Micro Scooter for your little one, and you can't wait to get out to explore. But, where first? Skip the local park and discover a whole world of scooter adventures with Treasure Trails.

What is a Treasure Trail?

Treasure Trails turn an ordinary day out into a full-blown adventure with a captivating challenge that combines mind-twisting clues and fascinating stories. Whether you're 6 or 106, or somewhere in between, you'll have an absolute blast as you hunt for the sneaky clues on a self-guided Trail around villages, towns and cities across the UK.

Whether you explore with a treasure hunt, detective mystery or spy mission-themed Trail, you're guaranteed to discover fascinating facts and hidden gems you would never have noticed on an ordinary walk. Before you know it, you'll have walked (or scooted!) a couple of miles, had an adventure, put your heads together as a family and returned home with a massive smile on your face!

How does this work with a scooter?

The self-guided Trail routes mainly follow pavements and paths around your chosen area, making it perfect for your kids' Micro Scooters with scooting between clues (although not electronic scooters, as all exploring takes place in publically accessible areas).

Not all Trails are scooter friendly, though - some may be along rugged terrain or have long stretches without pavements. That's why there's a handy scooter-friendly filter to help you make sure your chosen adventure is fun and safe for the whole family.

How to find your scooter route

It's super easy to find scooting adventures around your local area or whichever place you'd like to explore. Firstly, enter the place you'd like to visit into the search bar at the top of this page. You'll then be able to see all the Treasure Trails within 30 miles.

Click on the filter button just above the map to see the filter options pop up on the left-hand side. Under 'Getting Around', click the 'Scooter friendly' box and press the 'Submit Filters' button. Then, you'll be able to see all the awesome scooting adventures just waiting to be tackled!

You’re never too old to join in the fun.

Our carefully selected approved scooter routes are perfect for both young and old. For full immersion into the experience, why not get all the family kitted out with scooters and accessories? View their full range of scooters, bikes and trikes at https://www.micro-scooters.co.uk.

Explore a Treasure Trail with a Micro Scooter