Completed the Trail?

Fantastic work, intrepid explorers! You bravely solved the sneaky clues and unearthed the lost treasure, revealed whodunnit or cracked the code to save the day. Now, it’s time to discover if you were right…

The next step in your journey is to submit your Trail answer, where you’ll discover the solution and the full list of answers. While there isn’t any *real* treasure at the end of your expedition (although we wish this were logistically possible!), if you got the answer right, you’ll be entered into our monthly prize draw for the chance to win £100!

What’s more, submitting your answer will give you access to your certificate and post-quest Mini Club goodies for your young explorers, as well as gaining footsteps and unlocking mystery badges in the Treasure Trails Footsteps Trail Blazer Rewards (take a peek at your account to see your progress!).

One of the big things we would really love for you to do too is to give us feedback about the Trail. It’s always lovely to hear what a nice time you had on the Trail, but please also let us know when submitting your answer if you didn’t enjoy it and tell us about any issues you encountered or how you think we could have improved your Trail experience.

All you need to submit your answer is your Unique Reference Number, shown on the back page of your Trail booklet. Go to our Submit your Answer webpage and then follow the instructions!

Nicely done, Trailers! Now give yourselves a pat on the back and start brainstorming the perfect place for your next mission.