How to find the Trail you want and get it pronto

Easy peasy! There are two simple ways to track down a Treasure Trail in the area you want to explore. You can either use the “Where would you like to explore?” search bar to find a specific location or head to the “Buy a Trail” tab right at the top of the page to discover Trails by region. Read on for a how-to of each method…


Using the “Where would you like to explore?” search bar

Getting hold of the Trail you want, whether local or further afield, is super easy when using the search bar.

1. Enter the name of a city, town or village, or even a postcode, and select one of the options that appear as you type.

2. Once searched, you’ll be sent to a page where you’ll see how many Trails are in a 30-mile radius, alongside a map, with locations pinned. If you want to find out which Trails are closest or expand the search parameters, you can change the search distance via the dropdown within the map or click the “Filters” button above the map to tailor your results by theme, accessibility, length and more!

3. Now you’ve tailored your results to suit your exploration needs, scroll down to below the map, where you’ll see all of the Trails nearby, in order of how far they are from the location you searched.

4. Click on the location you’re interested in to be sent to that Trail’s page, where you can discover more information – like length, accessibility, dog friendliness, where the Trail begins and where you can find snack stops or take comfort breaks along the way. This is also where you can purchase the Trail.

5. If you’re ready to get your hands on the Trail, click on the “Please choose a Trail format” dropdown box to choose between the three format options:

- If you choose “Download”, you’ll receive a PDF version of the Trail to print at home for instant access to adventure.

- If you choose “Printed”, our printing fairies at TTHQ will print off a nice copy of the booklet on quality paper, which we’ll pop in the post for you to receive in a few days. P&P charges will apply.

- If you choose “Personalised”, you’ll get the chance to personalise the Trail title and front cover image for an extra special touch – perfect for gifts or occasions! It’ll then be popped in the post, same as the “Printed” option. P&P charges will apply.

6. Once you have added the Trail to your basket, you can then checkout using PayPal Express, or through entering your card details within our SSL encrypted secure checkout. You don’t need to create an account to do this if you don’t want to, so it should be nice and quick! Although, we do recommend signing up for an account if you want to access the Treasure Trails Footsteps Trail Blazer Rewards and see your order history.

7. Print your booklet off to get straight out on your Trail adventure, or put your feet up, grab a cuppa and plan your codename while you wait for the postie to deliver exploration to your doormat.

Using the buy a Trail tab

While steps 4-7 of the previous instructions still apply to this method, you’ll need to start your journey a little differently.

1. Click on the “Buy a Trail” tab at the top of the page, then have a peek at the dropdown box and click on the county you’re interested in exploring.

2. On the next page, you’ll discover how many Trails there are in that county, along with a map and pinned Trail locations. There’s a “Filter” button, which you can use to tailor your search by theme, accessibility and more.

3. Once you’ve tailored the results to the kind of exploration you’re after, scroll down past the map to discover more about your brilliant chosen county has to offer, followed by the selection of Trails in that county, organised alphabetically.

4. Follow steps 4 to 7 from the ‘Using the “Where would you like to explore?” search bar’ instructions!


But wait, I'm still not sure...

If you’re still having trouble, give us a call on 01872 263 692 (any time between 9:00am and 17:30pm, Monday - Friday, excluding bank holidays), and a member of our Customer Happiness Team will be able to help you order the perfect Trail adventure!