My parents still do my homework


A small company with big ideas, we don’t pretend to be something we’re not and we’re proud of the fact that we’ve got where we are today with an awful lot of help from friends and family.

It’s great when people ask you what you do for a living. Telling people you write treasure hunts always gets a great reaction. But it's more than just a job. When you get involved in Treasure Trails it overlaps with all aspects of your life, and those around you, whether willingly or unwittingly, find themselves getting pulled into helping out! Primarily, it is testing new Trails and helping to fix clues which need updating, but recently we pulled out the parents and got Aaron’s folks to star in our ‘What is a Treasure Trail’ film!

On location during the Treasure Trails film

Treasure Trails Agents

With so many great Trails across the country to manage, and so many local councils constantly changing towns, villages and cities, a number of our clues quickly become unsolvable. This, to us, is just not acceptable. We would never knowingly sell a Trail which had broken clues, but unless we hear from our Trailers, we don’t always know when there is a problem. We do carry out regular checks on Trails, but it’s always the way that scaffolding will go up that very night and affect one of our clues.

To ensure that we can keep on top of the Trails and make changes as quickly as possible, we have started to recruit TT Agents. These are keen Treasure Trails customers who love the Trails as much as we do, and love being a part of TT by helping to keep their local Trails in tip-top shape.