Code Breaking 101 - Module 05

Rookie Recruits, your final module is here. You've done a great job so far, so don't lose focus!

Remember, the course consists of five modules and a final test. In order to graduate, you must score above 70% on your final test. You'll be awarded a PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION based on your final score. 

Each module focuses on a different type of decoder. To become a fully-fledged agent, you'll need to master all five.

Good luck, Rookie Recruits, and once again, do your best.

MODULE 05 - Pigpen Cipher


MODULE 01 - Spy Decoder

MODULE 02 - Roman Numerals

MODULE 03 - Morse Code

MODULE 04 - Braille

FINAL TEST - Details will be emailed to you in due course.