I like windy walks with my dog Barney...

Well, actually I don’t have a dog as I have already said (but if I did he would be called Barney). I think it’s good to know who we are. Hopefully if you understand our quirky sense of humour and adventurous outlook on life, you’ll quickly see that this extends to how we create our Treasure Trails.

Aaron Hutchens

Chief Mischief Maker

He’s always got so much to say, but surprisingly he’s decided to let pictures do most of the talking (well kind of!) ...

Aaron Hutchens

Steve Ridd

Founder and owner

It all began in 2005; when Steve had an idea. All these years on, he's still having a lot of great ideas!

Teresa Ridd

Founder and owner

Teresa co-founded the company with her husband Steve in 2005. Never forgets a thing! Steve has often described her as the glue that holds everything together.

Phil Allatt

Business owner

Phil is the IT mastermind behind Treasure Trails; having built the first Treasure Trails software in 2006. He jumped at the opportunity to buy the business in 2013...

Phil Allatt

Tristan Barratt

Product Management Wizard and IT Guru

"Err, how do I build that webpage again?" Is one of the most common questions Tristan hears - luckily he can usually help to relieve the blogging pressure, as well as unleashing an unhealthy array of puns...

Passionate about our Trails, he works through the catalgoue of over 1,200 Trails to ensure that they are as AWESOME as they can be!

Tristan Barratt

Alex Ridd

Business Development Manager

Alex is leading many of our cutting edge developments and partnerships. He grew up with Treasure Trails in his household, so we guess it's no surprise that he now works here!

Phoebe Carter-Dawson

Customer Service

Phoebe loves speaking with customers and helping answer their questions. Watch out though, she has a Masters in psychology, so will know what you're thinking before you do!

Emma Waplington

Customer Service and Design

Emma has been with us a number of years now. Design is her passion, and she is great at it. Sometimes we do drag her away from the crayons though to help Phoebe with customer service!

Daniel Allatt

Web and Tech lead

Who knows what techies do? Basically things work, systems get developed, and Dan is at the source of everything here :). Can regularly be heard telling people to turn it off and then turn it back on again.

Neil Jager

Trail Management

Neil works with Tristan on managing our Trail quality, keeping tabs on required updates, and pushing our product experience forward. He has also written a serious number of Trails!

Jane Harvey


Jane is one of our original Trail Writers, but also heads up our marketing along with managing our Facebook page and being a general lifesaver to help out when we’re busy (and to correct our grammer!) (*“And spelling - it’s grammar - ‘ar’ at the end guys!” - Jane)