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Just for Giggles

Need a break from the daily routine that is just for giggles? Bored at work and need a serious distraction just before the weekend starts? Kids driving you crazy? Then look no further – Treasure Trails could just be the answer to your anti-boredom prayers.

Treasure Trails Take on New Meaning with a Fitbit

I wonder how many of you, dear readers were given a FITBIT for Christmas. A Fitbit is the latest in measuring how many steps you take in a day, how far you walk, what your heart rate is doing and other fascinating and interesting things that you do in a normal day.  There are nine different types of Fitbit and the company claims there is a Fitbit tracker for you whether you want to use heart rate to take your fitness to the next level or just want to see how your steps add up each day.

Treasure Trails Take on New Meaning with a FitbitAt the moment I just want to see how my steps add up and am finding it quite fascinating.  Since 28th December, I have walked a total distance of 92 miles and I’ve climbed 659 floors! I do think that seeing the stats drives some behaviour as I will often walk upstairs just to get another number added to the total floors climbed! And I am excited that I am on track for walking 1000 miles in a 12 month period – that’s just 19 and a bit miles a week and so far this year I have achieved that. I do have a walking weekend booked in April and a walking holiday to look forward to later in the year. I also have several excuses lined up as to why I haven’t walked more so far….

We love statistics





28 Dec – 3 Jan 2016




4 – 10 Jan 2016




11 – 17 Jan 2016




25 – 31 Jan 2016




1 – 7 Feb 2016




08 – 14 Feb 2016




15 – 21 Feb 2016












Choose a Treasure Trail

With a fitbit on your wrist, you may have an incentive to walk more and what better way to walk without even realising you are doing it – is to tackle a Treasure Trail!

Most of the Treasure Trails we have in the catalogue are approximately two miles long and that equates to around 5,000 steps – depending of course on the size of your steps!

The government used to recommend that we all try and walk 10,000 steps a day, now they are suggesting 30 minutes of aerobic activity a day which is less steps, but you need to walk faster!!

Either way if you have an interest in keeping fit, then we think you should plan to do at least one Treasure Trail at the weekends, in half terms and holidays and strap on a fitbit or other kind of pedometer and get your average steps in a week up higher.

We would love to hear how you get on and how many steps you take to do a Treasure Trail. Contact us through the website or facebook or comment below! 

2nd March 2016

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Things to do and Places to go that Work Well for Selfies

Lots of places work really well for selfies, especially if you have one of those selfie sticks to hand! At Treasure Trails we make sure that the majority of our Trail routes go past highly suitable statues and fantastic views and there are still plenty of stocks around for a fun photo. 

We’ve had a chat with our partners and come up with a list of fun places to go and things to do if you want a stand out selfie!

With so many to choose from it is very difficult but for iconic scenery we’ve picked one in the Isle of Wight. The Needles are rated in the top 10 of English views. This walk takes in the best views from Alum Bay, famous for its coloured sands and the chalk downs above. Not only do you have fantastic vistas, you also visit the top secret missile testing site, the Needles Park and Alum Bay beach. We have Trails in many of the other top 10 places mentioned too including Kenilworth, Chester, York and Framlingham.

Things to do and Places to go that Work Well for Selfies - Dick WhittingtonPerhaps though you want something a little closer to home! In London there are masses to pick from but we’ve chosen The Ghost of Dick Whittington. The Trail leads from the burial place of Richard Whittington near Mansion House to City Hall, office of the current Mayor of London and passes really iconic sights such as the Tower of London. The route crosses Tower Bridge, with views of the Shard and other famous London landmarks.  Plenty of selfie inspiration!

Or how about heading to Rochester in Kent with its amazing castle and view over the Medway. You will be sure to find a great selfie spot here whilst you learn all about Dickens.  Rochester was famously loved by Charles Dickens, who spent his early, formative years in Chatham before settling down in later life at nearby Gad’s Hill. The buildings and landmarks of Rochester served as his inspiration.

Things to do and Places to go that Work Well for Selfies - Lulworth CoveHead south to Lulworth Cove with its fantastic views of the Jurassic Coast, 95 miles of stunning coastline from East Devon to Dorset, with rock formations which go back 185 million years of the earths history. There is bound to be the perfect selfie spot there!

Talking of ancient times, you could try The Land of the Manifold Trail which has a 10 foot tall dinosaur looking over a garden wall and would make a brilliant selfie shot. 

Some of the best selfies are those taken next to a famous person and there are lots of those all around the UK!  From Lands End all the way to Scotland and back down south again to Great Yarmouth, we guarantee you will find a great place for a selfie!

14th October 2015

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