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Covid-19 UPDATE

UPDATED 19th May 2020


Dear Treasure Trailers,

You’re itching to get out exploring, we know! So are we! But before you embark on your Treasure Trail adventure, please factor in the following advice:



Whether you are in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, we urge you to choose only your local Trail at this time. You should not be travelling to other cities, towns or villages for your daily exercise.

Here’s why:

In England, the current advice on travelling for outdoor recreation is focused on enjoying parks, beaches, countryside and other outdoor open spaces and beauty spots. The vast majority of our Trails explore built up areas in cities and towns, as well as small villages and local communities. Even our more rural Trail locations and driving Trails visit smaller villages and communities, so are not suitable to travel to at this time. In Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, all exercise outdoors should be done locally.

As a tourism business, we are also closely following updates from local destination organisations regarding their own preparations for receiving visitors. Many local authorities are still in the process of developing and putting in place social distancing measures to enable them to reopen car parks and public toilets, and some are only reopening these in countryside locations. Many local communities are still asking visitors to stay away from their towns and villages.

So, we politely request that you stay within your local community at this time. If there isn’t a Trail where you live, please hold off exploring locations further afield until the time is right.

Of course, there’s no harm in planning future adventures for when restrictions are eased further!



Take supplies with you – non-essential businesses are closed, so make sure you have everything you need.

Consider comfort breaks – with many public conveniences closed, make sure you are not too far from home. If the Trail route is too far away from your home, please save it for another time.

Manage your children’s expectations – be prepared to skip Clues if they are not accessible due to areas being busy or because of localised access restrictions. Use the SMS ‘stuck on a clue’ helpline or return another day.

If you find that parts of your local Trail route are too busy to observe social distancing rules, be prepared to put your adventure on hold and return at a later date.

Please note that information on parking, public conveniences and other local facilities detailed within Trail booklets may not be correct at this time.



While exploring your local area, ensure you remain within your household group and follow social distancing rules at all times.

Don’t touch any surfaces such as plaques, signs or information boards.

Don’t linger for too long – if you need to, take a photo of a plaque or sign and move to a quieter area, or solve the Clue at home.

Be prepared to skip a Clue if social distancing is not possible.

Respect others – remember that there are many vulnerable people in your local community who still need to self-isolate.  While walking, please keep a safe distance from residential homes, schools and other premises.

For more information on Government Guidelines and Advice:

Staying Safe Outside Your Home

Staying Alert and Safe Social Distancing (England)

COVID-19 Advice (Scotland)

COVID-19 Advice (Wales) 

COVID-19 Advice (Northern Ireland)



Trails are currently only available for download. We’ll be adding our ‘Printed by Us’ and ‘Personalised’ options again soon, but only once preparations for making our office safe for our team are complete.

When choosing your Trail, we urge you again, please follow the government guidelines and only embark on your local Trail at this time.



We hope you have a great time exploring where you live as you enjoy your local Trail, and would like to thank you for staying local at this time and doing your bit to help control the virus, keep everyone safe and save lives.

The Team @TT Towers

19th May 2020

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