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Covid-19 UPDATE


Top Tips for exploring during lockdown UK


UPDATED 17th May 2021


Dear Treasure Trailers,

With many restrictions now lifted across the UK, now is a great time to head out on a Treasure Trail and inject that all important boost of fresh air and adventure into your day out!

Treasure Trails are a great way to grab some fun, fresh air and a bit of outdoor learning too whilst on a walk. There’s no need to book a day, or a time slot, and you don’t need to enter any venues, indoors or out.

Of course, we want you to have the very best Treasure Trail experience! So before you embark on your next adventure, please read our advice for safe and responsible Trailing below.

Plus, don’t forget to check out our Walk this May challenge for walking ideas and a chance to grab your next Treasure Trail on us!





Stay safe

Follow social distancing rules and stay alert at all times. Be prepared to skip a Clue and use our SMS ‘stuck on a clue’ helpline if social distancing is not possible.

Avoid touching any hard surfaces such as plaques, signs or information boards that Clues may be set on, or gates, walls or benches. Carry hand-sanitiser in case you do need to touch anything.

Don’t linger for too long in busy areas – if you need to, take a photo of a plaque or sign and move to a quieter area, or solve the Clue at home.

Keep others safe – remember that there are many vulnerable people who need or wish to self-isolate or maintain a greater social distance than guidelines suggest.  While walking, please respect others and keep a safe distance from residential homes, schools and other premises.

Explore on a Treasure Trail


Be prepared

Take supplies with you – we want you to support local businesses in your chosen location but do suggest that you take anything vital you might need with you just in case. This includes snacks and drinks, hand sanitiser and face coverings for unforeseen instances where social distancing isn’t possible.

Plan ahead – if you’re hoping to stop for a meal or detour from your Trail into a museum or other attraction along the way, check to make sure your chosen extra stops are viable and whether you need to book ahead.

Check available facilities – the good news is that most public toilets and car parks are now fully open. But we still recommend checking before you set off that your chosen location has everything you need. Some National Parks and local authorities have online alerts to show which car parks are busy or full.

Manage your children’s expectations – be prepared to skip Clues if they are not accessible:-

  • Some small parks, gardens and churchyards may still be temporarily closed.
  • Parts of your Trail route may be too busy to observe social distancing rules.

If this is the case, please use the SMS ‘stuck on a clue’ helpline or vow to return another day to complete your adventure.

Be flexible – all good Detectives, Secret Agents and Treasure Seekers need to be adaptable from time to time. If a new one-way pedestrian system mean you are unable to follow a section of route as intended, be prepared to put your navigational skills to the test to access that section of route the right way and get back on track!

No Trail should go unsolved! – if you exceed the 3 x Clue limit on the ‘stuck on a clue’ helpline, or have any problems getting the Clue answers you need, you can still carry on with your Trail. Simply email or message us on Facebook when you’re done and we’ll get those extra Clue answers to you as soon as we can.


Follow the guidelines


Social Distancing and Group Sizes

Follow all social distancing  and group size advice and regulations, as well as advice or regulations on wearing a face covering in any situations where social distancing is not possible.

Wherever you live, you should not leave your house if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been asked or are required to self-isolate.


Choosing your Trail

Family Fun - Treasure Trails11

We have over 1000 Trails across the UK so there are plenty of places to explore! When choosing, please be aware of any local restrictions that may be in force, such as local lockdowns or areas with travel restrictions.

For advice on where to choose in order to escape the crowds, check out our suggestions here:


Current guidelines

Rules on group sizes indoors and out vary across the UK, plus some local variations in travel restrictions may still apply. You can check the latest guidelines via the links below.

WALES COVID-19 Advice 





Purchasing Trails

‘Print at Home’ downloads can be purchased and printed out by you at any time.

For ‘Printed by Us’ and ‘Personalised’ options, Trails are printed and posted Trails daily, Mon-Fri. Whilst Trails are posted out via 1st Class Royal Mail post, please allow 3-5 days to receive your Trail in case of any postal delays. Plan several days ahead for a weekend adventure, or choose the download option for instant access to your Trail.

Printed Treasure Trail


Happy Trailing!

We hope you have a great time exploring on your next adventure, and would like to thank you for exploring responsibly, staying alert and doing your bit to help keep everyone safe.

The Team @TT Towers


2nd July 2020

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