Your Silly Signs

We see signs everywhere – from the roads to the shops, they surround us every time we leave the house. While some pass us by, other curious creations draw our immediate attention and make us go “ha!” or “huh?”. 

This week, we sent you, our local agents, out on a strange sign spotting mission to seek out the weird and wonderful signs and plaques from around your neck of the woods. Here are our top picks for your Silly Signs across the UK!  

Our No. 1 Silly Sign

Silly Sign Winner MISSION SIX

Location: Rye Harbour

Submitted by: Mike Stoner

Notes: I saw this sign close to Rye Harbour.  I guess it is a warning that you must not take your pet fish with you when you are out jogging!

Congratulations to Mike – A year’s subscription (print or digital) to a Warner Group magazine of your choice, as well as a 3 x Treasure Trail bundle to enjoy on your next staycation! 

The Best of the Rest

Silly Sign 1 Aberdeen MISSION SIX

Location: Aberdeen

Submitted by: Susan Middler

Notes: I think this sign, spotted above a door in North Square, Aberdeen, is spooktacular! 👻

Silly Sign 2 nr Lock Carron MISSION SIX

Location: nr Lock Carron

Submitted by: Jeff Jacobs

Notes: A890 near Loch Carron in the Scottish Highlands. It’s the No ferry addition to the place name which implies many people have tried to find it but definitely put a smile on our faces.

Silly Sign 3 Hyde MISSION SIX

Location: Hyde

Submitted by: Jennifer Bolan

Notes: The sign is above the phone box at the junction of Joel Lane/Higham Lan and Werneth Low Road in Gee Cross, Hyde. Nobody at all can explain how the sign got there or what it means! (Editor – we did some digging and this really is a bit of a mystery it seems! The meaning of TEIRIWNE or TEJRJWNE is much talked about but no one knows for sure. Theories put forward have it as an old word meaning ‘yarn spinner or ‘gossip monger’, Welsh for Tyrone, or just a local practical joke to confuse people!)

Silly Sign 4 Swindon MISSION SIX

Location: Swindon

Submitted by: Gareth Jenkins

Notes: Swindon town centre – someone was asleep when they painted this marking.

Silly Sign 5 nr Hexham MISSION SIX

Location: Wall, nr Hexham

Submitted by: Mrs Tish Easby

Notes: Entrance to Wall Village near Hexham NE46
This really is stating the obvious.
“Really! So where’s Hadrian?

Silly Sign 6 Herm MISSION SIX

Location: Herm

Submitted by: Sonia Field

Notes: A friend and I had just landed on the island of Herm and were beginning our clockwise walk around the coastal path when we came upon this sign. Neither of us decided to take up the challenge… We did laugh for quite a while though!

Silly Sign 7 Halesworth, Suffolk MISSION SIX

Location: Halesworth, Suffolk

Submitted by: Chris Wilkinson

Notes: They must have some odd-looking ducks there! Editor – or some rat-eating ducks perhaps?!

Silly Sign 8 Connahs Quay Wales Coastal Walk MISSION SIX

Location: Connah’s Quay, Wales Coastal Walk

Submitted by: Jean Brewerton

Notes: The confusion was that the sign is in mph and does not correspond to anything in the locality. Why 29 and not 30?

Silly Sign 9 Bricket Wood MISSION SIX

Location: Bricket Wood

Submitted by: Wendy Gill

Notes: At the Picture House, School Lane, Bricket Wood.
A historic listed building designed by architect Frederick Wallen c.1890.  The building depicts many sporting activities out of plaster panels on three sides of the upper floors.
This sign in the garden always makes me laugh and scares the children a little bit. 😂

Silly Sign 10 Island of Erraid, nr Mull MISSION SIX

Location: Island of Erraid, nr Mull

Submitted by: Alex Tomlinson

Notes: I guess I had better shut the gate properly then as 40 shillings will be hard to find in 2020!

Our Trail Writers’ Top Picks

Scratchy-Bottom Silly Sign

Location: Dorset

Notes: You’ll need to visit to see if the name fits!

Free Range Children nr Tenby Silly Sign

Location: nr Tenby

Notes: Sounds like a great place for kids!

Silly Toilet Sign Male and Female

Location: Somewhere in Wales!

Notes: Takes our obsession with the weather to a whole new level!

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