You Know You're a Spy When...

Some of us are born spies and some of us have to learn to be spies! For your chance to win a Treasure Trail of your choice, count up how many of the following are true for you and complete the limerick at the end.

You Know You're a Spy When...

So, collars up, hats down, here we go... you know you are a spy when...

1. You have learnt how to sneak into places you shouldn’t go into!

2. You write to your friends and family using invisible ink!

• The best invisible ink can be made from all sorts of substances you have in your kitchen!

3. All your shirts have collars that can be turned up

• Try canned starch for stiffening collars.

4. You eavesdrop on other people’s conversations

• From Overheard London on the bus “"Yeah...I was in Itsu, the Sushi bar where that Russian guy got poisoned on the day that it happened. And I've been feeling really ill ever since...I hope I'm not contagious"

5. You secretly observe people in public places whilst pretending to read a magazine.

Private Eye is probably too obvious

6. You can walk down a street without being noticed

• It should be really easy in Hyde in Greater Manchester!

 7. You can write in code without referring to a manual

• But if you do need a manual, then you could try Top Secret – A handbook of codes, ciphers and secret writing.

 8. You wear your sunglasses even in the dark

• Put a new pair from on your Christmas wish list!

 9. You start tailing people just for fun!

• Here are some great ideas on how to do it.

To enter, go to our Facebook page and search the photos to find the file marked ‘Top Secret’. Add your limerick as a comment here. The funniest limerick will be declared the winner after 2nd June 2014.

There once was a spy called ...