X' Marks The Spot

Could your next Treasure Trails adventure lead you to some real long lost treasure?

On this treasure map of the UK you’ll discover some treasure hotspots and tips on how to become a real treasure hunter. You’ll also get the lowdown on some treasures yet to be discovered!

But remember – if you do decide to head out with a metal detector and a shovel, ALWAYS do your homework first! You’ll need permission from the landowner, or the correct permit or licence for publicly owned land or beaches. You’ll also need to follow the rules regarding protected sites and you MUST declare any valuable finds. Read up on the law here, find a summary of the definition of ‘treasure’ here, and get full details of the Treasure Act 1996 here.

Happy Hunting!

X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot, courtesy of Moneyguru.com