World Records on Foot

Amongst the world of wonderful, wacky and downright weird Guinness World Records, Treasure Trails London will, this Saturday, be organising an attempt to achieve ‘Most people participating in a Treasure Hunt game’.

We’ve been busy preparing for the big day at Treasure Trails, and are looking forward to smashing the current record of 309 participants, with over 500 Trailers expected on foot.

We’ve come across some inspiring record holders, our pick of which we have highlighted below.

World’s Fastest Walker

The fastest 50,000 metre walk was set by Yohann Diniz in France on the 12 March 2011. Yohann covered the distance in just 3 hours, 35 minutes and 27.2 seconds. He wouldn’t take long to complete a Treasure Trail!

World’s Largest Hiking Boot

World Records on Foot - Hiking boots for Gulliver finally make production

Just in case you know of somebody with size 700 feet, German shoemaker Schuh Marke have created the world’s largest hiking boot, as you do. The boot measures over 23 feet long, 8 feet wide and nearly 14 feet tall.

World’s Largest Dog Walk

The Great North Dog Walk holds the record for the largest dog walk ever held, with over 22,000 dogs and their owners in attendance.

Based in South Shields, the Great North Dog Walk currently holds 16 Guinness World Records for this event. If you would be interested in taking part in the next 3.5 mile walk, keep an eye on the Great North Dog Walk website for details.

Author: Samantha May, Treasure Trails Ltd.