What Hereford is famous for

There are plenty of things to answer the question as to 'What Hereford is famous for'. Traces of medieval Hereford are still visible in parts, and despite being a small city there are plenty of things to do for the casual visitor. As with the rest of the county, hidden treasures are around every corner!

Claims to Fame

The most notable claim to fame that Hereford has is one of the original old medieval maps, the Mappa Mundi. The permanent exhibition is a delight to go round and entrance tickets include a visit  to the Chained Library too. Both are well worth a visit particularly on a rainy day! 

Pause for a cup of tea and piece of cake in the Cathedral cafe and then head into the Cathedral itself to marvel at the ancient stone work and intriguing heaters!  Make your way to the Lady Chapel and into the small alcove which houses four glorious modern stained glass windows that pay homage to Thomas Traherne’s poetry.

The photos don’t do these windows justice; they are stunning when the sun shines. This is somewhere we always take our guests and visitors.

What Hereford is famous for What Hereford is famous for

Famous Faces 

As well as links with Thomas Traherne, Hereford also has connections with Elgar, with a statue of him leaning on his bicycle in one corner of the Cathedral Close.

Sir Edward Elgar, the composer is probably most famous for Land of Hope and Glory and whilst he was born in Worcester, he wrote many of his major works while he was living in Hereford from 1904 to 1911.  If you follow the Hereford Murder Mystery Treasure Trail you will come across a statue of a bulldog which features in one of the clues and belonged to a friend of Elgar’s!  Quite a tenuous link to a famous man, but a link all the same - and there are lots of other links to him all around the city!

A few miles out of Hereford and over the border into Worcestershire is the Elgar Museum which celebrates his life and times.

Best Bets 

Two other things that Herefordshire is famous for is the Hereford Bull - a superb breed that produces fantastic steaks! The bull is in evidence all around the town but most spectacularly in the centre - the pedestrianised High Town has a life sized statue which is relatively new and provides lots of Treasure Trails’ clue material!

Apples and cider are the other famous Herefordian exports with a Cider Museum close to the city centre,and the award winning apple tree mosaic in the Cathedral grounds.

Of course there are lots of pubs that serve the local tipple!

What Hereford is famous for

The best thing about the county though is the lack of crowds at peak times - it really is a hidden treasure! To see some of the lesser known sights we'd recommend following the Explore Hereford spy mission. 

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