Welcome to the First Edition of TT Strange Times!

TT Strange Times Issue 1 - Keeping Families Entertained

News, ideas and inspiration from us in these strangest of times.

Hello and welcome to this, the first edition of “TT Strange Times”! We, like you, have been shocked and saddened by the recent events surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19 and while we can’t get out and enjoy the Trails at the moment while we are all in lockdown, we really wanted to reassure you all that we’re still here for you.

We at TT Towers then sat down and had a bit of a think about the best way to reach out to you – and the idea of “TT Strange Times” was born!

While we too are working from home for the time being, we wanted it to be a fun resource for puzzles, games, ideas and information to help us all through these uncertain times.

Every 2 weeks, we will send you a fresh issue, each with a different theme. For this premiere edition, the theme of course has to be…

Happy Easter!

TT Strange Times: The TRUE meaning of Easter - Eat as much chocolate as possible!

So although we can’t go outside for too much fun, we say we shouldn’t anyway, because our eggs will only melt in the sun.

That will not stop us having fun though, because we all have a perfectly good location – for an Easter egg HOME treasure hunt – yes that’s right – a treasure hunt around the home! If that wasn’t enough, we’ll show you some more great activities that can be done either inside or outside. Although the major international athletics events may have been postponed for this year, we will launch the first of “The Treasure Trails Garden Games Modern Pentathlon for 2020” events.

TT Strange Times: The Easter egg hunter in their natural habitat.. Gotta catch them all!

Once you are done with that, find out about the life and times of William Wordsworth, who, if he had achieved immortality, would have been 250 this year. Speaking of poetry – fancy having a crack at writing your own short limerick? Of course you do!

Submit your entries to us and the best could win a gift voucher to use on your next Trailing adventure.

After all that moving around and learning about stuff, you’ll need refuelling, so our special Easter take on a traditional family favourite recipe that’s SO easy to make and will not only help to keep your whole family busy – will fully top up those tummy tanks!

Our boffins here at TT Towers have also been doing their research. For this edition they have been casting the net far and wide to recommend 5 amazingly ace puzzle books for you to use to keep your family’s minds active during the lockdown.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also come up with our own puzzles for you to solve – but be warned – some easier than others…

So welcome along, we hope you enjoy the show!

Don’t forget to share this with friends and family. #TTStrangeTimes

Editor-in-Chief, Tristan.

TT Strange Times: It's EEEAASSTERRRRR!

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Inspirational People – For Inspirational Times...

Inspirational People –
For Inspirational Times...

A closer look at another inspirational figurehead…

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Let's Get Moving...

Get Moving…

Whether you’re inside or outside in your garden, try these fun ideas to keep your mind and body busy!

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Getting YUMMY With it...

Getting YUMMY
With it…

With a different recipe or foody suggestion for each issue, there’s no need to get food bored!

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Our TOP Five...


A pick of five top items for this issue, ready for you to delve into…

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Competition Time!


Why not enter our themed competition? You could win a Treasure Trails gift voucher in preparation for when we can all get back out there!

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Puzzle Time...


Exercise your mind as well as your body with our selection of quizzes!

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Our inspiring quote for this issue:

“Easter is the only time when it’s perfectly safe to put all of your eggs in one basket.” – Evan Esar

Some awesome upcoming dates…

10th April = Siblings Day & Good Friday

12th April = Easter Sunday

13th April = Easter Monday

16th April = World Voice Day

22nd April = Mother Earth Day

23rd April = St George’s Day & World Book Night