The Whatever the Weather Puzzle

It's topical... in fact, when isn't discussing the weather!

To solve this puzzle, you need to look at our selection of ‘extreme weather photos’ and then complete the sentence or statement that accompanies each picture; just like an ‘I-Spy with my little eye...’!

Each clue has one or more shaded letter boxes which then need to be transferred over to the Answer Grid. You will then be able to decipher our secret message and work out the final answer!

Step 1

Fill in the missing letters for the following six photo clues.

We have given you an example to get you started. On the below image the clue could be 'Two   B_ _ _   H _ _ _  B _ _ _ _"

Any ideas? 

The answer can be seen below....

Weather Puzzle - Example Clue

The answer would be 'Two Blue Hair Bands'!

Step 2

Once you have found and completed all of the sentences, transfer the shaded letters from all of your answers to their respective place in the main Answer Grid. It is important that you put the right letter in its correct place, shown by the number below each letter.

Step 3

To reveal the Secret Message, take each set of 5 letters in the Answer Grid and write them downwards in a column in the Code Box. Do that with all the letters and you should have a grid of 5 x 5. Then read across this grid and the secret message will be revealed.

Now, let's get started!
All of the images can be seen below along with the individual clue answer grids, the main Answer Grid and the Code Box. To make it easy for you to record your answers though, we have a downloadable document for you to print out and write on - the images are still best viewed on screen however, (especially if you want to save your printer ink!).

Two easy ones to get you going, then it gets a bit tougher!

Clue 1

Six U_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Weather Puzzle - Clue 1
The Weather Puzzle - Clue 1 Answer

Clue 2

Four D_ _ _ _ _

Weather Puzzle - Clue 2
The Weather Puzzle - Clue 2 Answer

Clue 3

ONE  O_ _ _ _ _   and W_ _ _ _   C_ _ _

The Weather Puzzle - Clue 4
The Weather Puzzle - Clue 3 Answer

Clue 4

THREE S_ _ _ _ _   in the  I_ _   C_ _ _ _  CO_ _

Weather Puzzle - Question 4
The Weather Puzzle - Clue 4 Answer Grid

Clue 5

A   M_ _ K_ _    M_ _   on a   M_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Weather Puzzle - Clue 5
The Weather Puzzle - Clue 5 Answer

Clue 6

ONE  C_ _ _ _   on a  R_ _ _

Weather Puzzle - Clue 6
The Weather Puzzle - Clue 6 Answer

Answer Grid and Code Box

Don't forget you can download and print out our document to record your answers.

Answer Grid

Transfer the letters from the shaded boxes and enter them below. Ensure you put the right letter in the right box.

The Weather Puzzle - Answer Grid

Code Box

Now enter the letters from the Answer Grid above into the Code Grid below, in groups of 5, writing downwards. The secret message will then be revealed if you read across the rows.


The Weather Puzzle - Code Box

Think you've solved it? Or just need to know the answer!

Enter your answer below to see if you have the correct answer. On the 11th September we will draw 5 correct entries at random to win a Treasure Trail of their choice!

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